Monday, January 5, 2015


Last year I traveled quite a bit. I traveled enough to know I didn’t want to travel as much this year. I’m not planning to do as much. The only glitch in that plan is than I’m travelling again on Wednesday, which seems like a continuation of last year. The good news is that once I’m back from that trip, I’ll be home for awhile. 

But let’s get back to this trip. Of course it’s to Disney World. Of course it’s two trips in one. The first trip is for Disney World Marathon Weekend. And no, I am not doing all the Run Disney races this year – that was soooo last year! I am doing the 5K, the 10K, and the half marathon. Molly is doing the Dopey again (all those I am doing plus a full marathon – she’s young so she can do it all again). Steve is doing the half marathon, and Lynnette is doing the full marathon (I am providing marathon support for Lynnette and Molly). So the first part of the trip involves running (or some form of ambulatory progress in a forward direction).

Steve, Molly, and I will fly down at the crack-o-dawn on Wednesday. On Thursday, Molly and I will do the 5K and Lynnette and Lindley will fly down that afternoon. On Friday, Molly and I (and Katie, our cruise/race co-enthusiast) will do the 10K and Maribeth and Everley will fly down that night. On Saturday, Steve, Molly, and I (and Katie) will do the half marathon. And on Sunday, Molly and Lynnette will do the full marathon and Sam and Adam will fly down.

On Monday, we will board the Disney Dream for a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas. It’s Lindley’s 5th birthday, so technically it’s her birthday cruise (I can justify going on any cruise – just let me know when your birthday is!).

We’ll party and celebrate until Friday, when the majority of us will fly back to Nashville. Except Steve and Molly, who will be flying to California to run in the Star Wars half marathon weekend at Disneyland. I am not going there, which makes me very happy – not only for not having to do another half marathon so soon, but also not having to fly cross-country!

Anyhow, once I’m back home after this trip, I plan to stay put until February, when the Donna and Princess half marathons are scheduled. I hope to train a bit, clean up my house a bit, get rid of a whole lot of clutter in both my house and my life, and just generally do the stuff that I need to do at home.

Yup, travelling is great and a great blessing. But mostly, it gives you the opportunity to realize and appreciate how great it is to stay home. And I have to admit, even as much as I have to accomplish at home, I’m looking forward to having the time to do it!
Today is a gift because: getting stuff packed for vacation

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Denise in PA said...

So you're not traveling as much this year...but if you happen to be in the World mid-November, please, please let me know!! o:)