Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sea Day!!

Today was a pretty slow sea day. Unless you count packing up your stuff (which I did not do well, as I left a purchase somewhere in my room, that was meant for someone in Nashville). Anyhow, there was the usual eating, napping, eating some more, and so on, while just floating around on the ocean. And this this happened ...

We had asked Lindley several times during the cruise if she wanted to hair her hair braided, to which she replied either "no" or "maybe later." Everley voted for no every time. Anyhow, at some point Lindley decided that it was indeed hair-braiding time. And so she and Lynnette headed for the hair-braiding station. At some point after the first or second row, we got a text from Lynnette telling us the procedure was indeed happening, and Molly and I headed to observe. As we arrived, we noticed that Lindley was perhaps not enjoying it - the hair is pulled rather tightly and rubber bands and beads are woven rather securely. But she mustered through, and ended up with quite a lovely new 'do.  A great way to end a great birthday cruise!!
Today is a gift because: lovely day at sea; Lindley's hair braiding success; getting dissed at Palo

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