Saturday, January 17, 2015

Okay, So Now What??

So, Luanne, you've just been at Disney World and on a Disney Cruise. So what are you going to do next??

Umm, would you like a list? First there's the unpacking and washing and drying and putting away. Then there's the going through the mail and paying bills. Then there's the petting and loving on the attention-starved cats. Then there's the trip to the grocery store to buy stuff to eat. Then there's putting Lindley's birthday scrapbook together. Then there's the cleaning of the house because why?  Oh yes - Lindley's fifth birthday party with her friends is on Sunday!  At my house! Where five friends and their mothers will be in attendance and I don't want them to think that LaLa's house is a health hazard.

So, I have plenty to do today. And I should probably get busy. Just as soon as I take a nap. And watch this episode of "Law and Order" because I've only seen it six times.

At least I know there's stuff to do ...
Today's a gift because: I actually got several of my tasks completed!

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