Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Lindley!!

Today the party guests descended on The Doik (my house's name) for Lindley's Frozen birthday party (and the health department did not have to be called). The party was at 2pm, and Lynnette and Sarah (Lynnette's mom) came over in the morning to get things together. There was quite a lot to get together. Lynnette had been working and creating and making before she left for the Disney Vacation Extravaganza, so there was a lot to put up and arrange and organize. But with everyone's help, and with Maribeth's offer to bring lunch, we got it all together in time for the big party.

Everyone who came had a great time and Lindley was super pleased. It was a great way to close out her 5th Birthday Celebration!!

A new dress for the birthday girl!
One of the craft tables - there was also snowflake painting and crown decorating.
Oh, and Lynnette made everyone an Elsa braid.
Lynnette made the cake. We also had Olaf ears (carrots) and Sven's antlers (pretzels) among other things.

Pin the nose on Olaf. Lynnette made Olaf. Free-handed.

Lynnette made the signs. Free handed. Wish she was more artistic.
Today is a gift because: Lindley's birthday success; meeting her friends and their moms/grandmom

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Kat said...

She's really 5 already? How is that possible? Looks like she had a fabulous party, how fun!