Saturday, January 3, 2015

Party Planning - Take Two

After our very productive meeting yesterday, Lynnette came up with a three-page document listing everything we have, everything we want to do, and everything that is listed on the internet for us to study and duplicate. Today became a very busy, and thus very productive day. Here are some of the highlights ...

Lynnette found instructions on making an Elsa braid using yard and ribbon. She's going to make one for every guest attending the party (thank goodness there will be only five - wait ONLY FIVE TO MAKE, PLUS LINDLEY AND EVERLEY - THAT'S SEVEN TO MAKE?!). As you can see, it's perfectly adorable, as is the wearer of the braid.
Lynnette also found pictures of Olaf and Wandering Oaken's sign that she duplicated on cardboard (technically cut from large boxes) that she did freehand. My contribution was to cut them out using a box cutter (hey, we all have our talents - I'm just wondering if I cut through my rug). Olaf will be used for a "pin the nose on Olaf" and the sign will be a part of the photo booth, which should be a hoot.

Molly spent most of the morning making copies of signs, labels, tags, coloring sheets, photo booth props, and various other printables that were suggested by Lynnette. And then cutting them all out.

And my contribution, other than cutting with a box cutter? I filled the treat bags for the guests to take home (with five guests, that didn't take long). I found supplies like glue and paper and scissors and box cutters. And I went out and got lunch. And got Everley and Lindley down for a nap. And got out my trusty legal pad and make some more lists. As I've said before, everyone has a talent.

Anyhow, the party is going to be a blast - bet you wish you were invited!!
Today is a gift because: party planning fun; Lindley and Everley time; McAllisters lunch and Papa Johns dinner; finding a solution for the gutter leak

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