Thursday, January 8, 2015

Moving Right Along ...

Today was the 5K. And it was soooo cold!  Especially for Orlando, and for those of us who were not prepared for the cold. Yesterday Steve and Molly made a Wal-Mart run and bought tube socks for us to wear on our hands (apparently gloves were nonexistent). Molly and I were so grateful for those socks, as the temperature was in the 30s and the winds were blowing like crazy!

Molly and I drove to the start, so we were able to stay in the car for an extra 30 minutes before heading to the corrals. It was sort of a madhouse, as everyone was cold and huddling together. We managed to get into our corral just as the dude was beginning the national anthem. Since we were in Corral E, we had time before we started and had a fun conversation with some lady who was wearing the same Alaska Disney Cruise jacket that I was. Except that I had actually gone on the cruise and she had bought hers at the Disney outlet.

Anyhow, finally it was our corral's turn, and as we headed to the start line, who did I see but my friend Aisling. Of course, we were both too cold to do anything but yell a "Hiya!" and keep moving before our extremities turned to ice. The really fun part was that the course passed the stop for the buses, and of course there were several runners there waiting for their hotel bus - runners who had already finished the race, and we weren't even at Mile 1!!  I guess there's a penalty for being fast!!

Eventually we finished and headed back to the car which would take us back to the hotel for a warm shower and a nap. Lynnette and Lindley will be arriving this afternoon, so we certainly want to be ready for them! Oh yeah, and there's that 10K tomorrow ...
Today is a gift because: Doing with 5K in the freezing weather with Molly; seeing Aisling at the start; Lindley and Lynnette's arrival at Disney

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