Thursday, July 9, 2015

And I'm Back

This morning, Maribeth and Everley decided to leave early from Gatlinburg - like at 4am. This did not seem appealing to Lindley, Lynnette, and me, so we decided to wait until Lindley woke up and then leave. Which we did. Just after I packed the car ...

In case you didn't know, I drive a Prius C, which is a little car. I like it because it is little and I can't haul stuff for other people. However, I did not take into account what I would be taking back to Nashville, or I probably would have suggested that Maribeth take some of the stuff back with her - in her Toyota mini-van. After seeing the three suitcases and the valet cart full of the other stuff that was going to have to go in my car, I began to envision the drive back to Nashville looking something like the car on the left ...
 However, once again my little Prius C showed out. Not only was I able to get all three suitcases in the back hatch, I was also able to load everything else into the car, and still leave room for Lindley and her various dolls and ipads and blanket and pillow. And Lynnette even had room in the front seat! We made it back to Nashville with only a few stops here and there.

All in all it was a great trip to Gatlinburg and Dollywood. If only I didn't have to deal with this now ... Not only do I have the Gatlinburg luggage and stuff, but I also have the Disney World luggage and stuff that Molly brought back with her. If there's anything I love less than packing, it's unpacking. Oh well, maybe I'll get it done by day's end - how's that for a goal!!
Today is a gift because: safe travel home to Nashville; successful car packing; finding a bathroom (but not mac and cheese) when needed on the road

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