Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just Another Day Bloodletting At The Red Cross

Today was my regular visit at the Red Cross to donate a pint of blood. So far I've donated 36 pints of blood over my bloodletting history, which isn't all that long, especially when compared to James Harrison, who has complete 1,106 donations (seriously, read his story). I try to go every time they give me a call - which I'm glad they call because otherwise I would probably forget about it. Anyhow, today was just another day to go, proceed through the preliminary steps (read the material; get the finger stick, temperature check, and blood pressure check; take the online questionnaire), and then sit a spell while they take my blood.

I never know if my iron count will be high enough (twice it wasn't in one finger on one hand, but they immediately checked a finger on the other hand and all was fine - go figure). I always wonder if this will be the time that I will get up too soon after my donation is over, and pass out (hasn't happened and hope it won't). I never know if I will get a seasoned nurse or one who is just starting out (had one of those one time - I thought she was going to have to get out her manual). I never know if I will have a bruise afterward (either large of small - have had both) or no bruise at all. I never know if my blood will go to an actual person or be used for some other reason.

But in the end, all these questions and wonderings really don't matter. What matters is that I have the ability and opportunity to possibly help somebody else by giving a pint of blood. After Maribeth had Everley, Maribeth needed two pints of blood in the hospital. So maybe my blood will go to help another new mother. Or to somebody who was in an accident and needed blood. Or maybe it will be test blood for a machine that will insure that all donated blood is safe. It really doesn't matter - because I know it will help somebody in some way. What better way to spend some time sitting?
Today is a gift because: nice nurse at the Red Cross; Everley sitting

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