Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Sign of Time Passing ...

It happens every year. I go for my yearly gyno check, get weighed, and swear by next year I'll have lost so much weight that the weight-checking nurse will probably faint. And yet every year that has yet to happen. Maybe it's because the year passes so quickly that I barely have time to get a diet regime in place. Maybe it's because I'm worried about the nurse fainting. Whatever the reason (and it has nothing to do with zero effort on my part), today another year has flown past with zero weight loss - the nurse was safe again for another year.

I don't mind having my gyno appointment - by this time in my life, it's really not a big deal. And if it's one more way to have a cancer check, so be it. And so I go. And get weighed in. And swear that next year I will have lost significant pounds of weight. And since next year will be rolling around pretty quickly, I just hope the nurse has her helmet on her head!
Today is a gift because: visit with Dr. N and her nurse; getting a prescription for a shingles shot since Walgreens won't give me one without it; going to see "Trainwreck" at the movies

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