Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy July 4!!

Today's plan was simple - eat and go stake out a spot for fireworks at the MK. Molly and I had lunch at The Brown Derby - Cobb Salad and the Grilled Waygu Beef Burger (maybe some part of that was healthy). Then we headed for the MK, armed with a camera and several magazines to read while we waited (seriously, people were already camped out when we arrived).

The fun part started when the clouds started to form and darken. Do we have 149 WDW rain ponchos at home in Nashville?  Why yes, yes we do. Did we bring any with us to WDW this time? Why no, no we didn't. Which is probably why we have 149 WDW ponchos. Well, make that 151 ponchos now, because I bought two more. And a beach towel to sit on (the pavement was fry-an-egg hot). There was lightning in the distance, but luckily it came no closer. And eventually the fireworks started, and they were certainly worth the wait!!

Clouds. Dark. Not happy clouds. Nevertheless, people are starting to stake out their spot.

Like these people. Who are hoping that it will not rain. Silly people!!

These people are wet. But they have new WDW rain ponchos. And a spot for the fireworks. And wet bottoms.

But it was all worth it!!  Happy July 4!!
Today is a gift because: lunch with Molly; sitting in the rain waiting for the fireworks; July 4 fireworks; listening to people talking around us

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