Friday, July 24, 2015

Squeezie, Squeezie!!

Since yesterday it was time to get the downtown checked out, today it was time to get the boobies squoze in the mammary machine. Again, it's a simple test (at least for someone of my boobage) to check for cancer, so it's a no-brainer for me. Today's mammographer was a sweet young girl who got the job done as efficiently as possible.

I hope that any woman who reads this and is of the correct mammogram age, has had or is getting her mammogram for 2015. Because a few minutes of squishing is certainly worth a lifetime!
Today is a gift because: watching "Paper Towns" with Maribeth and Molly; getting mammogram and sweet people at that office; watching "5 Flights Up" and "Unbroken" at home

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Denise in PA said...

Well, I guess the universe is telling me to make the appointment. I just got the email from Aetna and now this. Thanks, Luanne. o:)