Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flying South For The Summer

This morning Steve and I got up way too early to catch our 5:45am flight to Orlando. Sure, it's not my favorite time of day, but that's just when we decided to fly down. The good thing is that you have a full first day to chill out - if your room is ready. Otherwise you get to walk around and do stuff until you get the call that you can go chill out in your now-ready room.

After an uneventful flight, we arrived in Orlando and got our bags (since Steve checked his golf clubs, I checked a bag too). We then picked up the rental car and stopped at KeKe's for breakfast (not far from the airport and pretty tasty). While we were there, I got a text message that our room was ready!!  Happy days!! Steve was planning to go golf as soon as we got there, so nap time was looking pretty good to me! Even better is that Disney has a new system where if you check in online and they text that your room is ready, then you can go directly to your room (they give it to you in the text) and you don't have to stop at the check-in desk. Sweet!!!

So we head toward Disney World and ultimately to our room. Steve took off for the golf course and I chilled out. We have a great location, close to the pool, so all is good. Well, except maybe for the sweltering weather. I had planned to meet Steve at Downtown Disney for dinner, and I went early to do a little shopping. However, after walking around a bit, I decided that it was too hot and promptly asked Steve to pick me up when he was finished golfing. He did and we went to some burger place for dinner.

Tomorrow Molly arrives on the early flight. We have plans for the weekend - eating and shopping and fireworks.  Now if I can just find a portable air conditioner ...

Today is a gift because: safe, smooth flight to Orlando; bags at bag claim when we walked up; great breakfast at KeKe's with Steve; room ready early; quiet day in the room; burgers with Steve for dinner

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