Monday, July 13, 2015

Smart Is As Smart Does. Or Something Like That ...

Today I was at the grocery store and when I got ready to check out, I realized that I could not read the produce number on the tomatoes. I wear contacts and need my "readers" for reading close up. I was somewhat in a quandary and about to ask the lady at the checkout next to me for help (we were at the self checkouts). Then it came to me - I could take a photo with my phone, enlarge it, and then be able to see the numbers. I did, punched in the numbers, and completed my grocery shopping. Of course once Maribeth saw my facebook announcement about this, she mentioned that I could have just scanned the tomato since it had a bar code on it, and the scanner would have known the price. Whoops.

I guess it just goes to prove that you're only as smart as you think you are. And apparently when you think you're pretty smart, you really aren't so smart. Which means that even if you think you're smart, you're probably not. So just quit thinking you're smart. Because you're probably not. Smart that is ...
Today is a gift because: adequate massage at Massage Envy; Everley sleepover

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