Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Last Day In Gatlinburg

The Screaming Eagle. Or something like it.
Lynnette and Maribeth are on the fourth row from the back - in red.
I (along with Lindley and Everley) am on the ground, watching.
I don't know the balding dude in front of me, but I hope he has on sunscreen.
It was very hot and sunny today.
And it goes up, up, up before it goes down, down, down.
And around, around, around.  All very fast.
I like being still on the ground.

Finally a ride that I would consider riding.
Except that I volunteered to man the strollers and the refillable cups.
Of which one disappeared.  A refillable cup, not the stroller.
Not to worry - they sold us three new refillable cups.
Maribeth and Lynnette decided to ride another twisty turny flippidy-do-dah ride.
Again, the three of us - one chicken and two little chicks - sat it out on the ground.
In the shade this time. But it was still boiling hot.

Being patriotic and visiting the bald eagle, who clearly was not impressed with us.
I would be pretty ticked off too, if I had to sit in a cage all day
while strangers gawked at me.
Finally something on my level - The Bubble Show.
Some dude had a bunch of bubble machines and made lots of bubbles.
It was sort of dark but in the air conditioning.
I would have been content for him to read the dictionary, as long as the ac was working.

For dinner, we went to the Lumberjack Dinner Show Feud.
First some banjo string band serenaded us.
Then they loaded out the food - first a biscuit, then soup, then half a chicken,
then new potatoes, then an ear of corn. And a peach popover for dessert.
It was pretty cool, and our lumberjack team won!
And we got to see a horse with a diaper on.
Last activity of our trip was to play on the playground.
It was lovely because there were no other kids playing on it.
And there were rocking chairs for old grannys to sit in.
And it was in the shade!
 And in the end, a good time was had by all!!
Today was a gift because: fun times with Lindley, Lynnette, Maribeth, and Everley at Dollywood and the Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show; fun with Everley and Lindley at the playground; it's Maribeth's birthday!!

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