Monday, July 20, 2015

Swimming Lessons

Today Steve and I met Mathieu and Everley at the YMCA. It was going to be her first swimming lesson this year, and we were going to take over so Mathieu could get to class. There were about six kids in her class and there was quite a wide spectrum. On one end was a little girl who happily jumped in when it was her turn and swam to the instructor and back to the side. On the other end was a little boy who screamed and cried whenever a drop of pool water hit his skin. By encouragement and threats from his parents (and maybe a little of actual pushing him in on their part), he did get in the water and the instructor pulled him out in the water a bit - while he was screaming and crying the entire time. In the middle of this group was Everley and about three other kids - non-swimmers who liked the water and were content to kick about while the instructor pulled them around.

I'm not sure exactly what kind of instruction was offered - it looked more like just the adult pulling the kids around in the water (with the exception of the swimmer and the screamer). Oh well, Everley had fun, so I guess it was a success!
Today is a gift because: watching Everley's swim lesson; getting some stuff mailed

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