Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday In Gatlinburg

We started off the day at Wonderworks where we sampled a bit of their wonder. Then we went to the outlets - well the Disney outlet and may have purchased a few things. Then we made a stop at Starbucks before heading back to the condo for naps (Maribeth had to return to Nashville for a class but will return tomorrow). Lynnette, Lindley, Everley, and I decided to spend the afternoon in Gatlinburg, along with about a billion other tourists. We bought a few things and ate dinner before heading back for a swim in the less-than-pristine pool at the condo. Oh well, it was a great day!!

Wonderworks - Lindley the astronaut. She seems very happy about being in space.

Everley in space. Apparently in her suit, the sleeves are optional

Lynnette climbing the wall. She rang the bell at the top.
I personally believe she has climbed walls before ...

Bed of nails, Everley style. Who apparently has humongous feet.

Bed of nails, Lynnette style. Lindley preferred to supervise.

Bed of nails Maribeth style. Who was prepared to go straight to her coffin,
should the nails prove fatal.

At Mellow Mushroom, just before the cup of milk went splashing all over the table.
But we didn't cry, because you don't cry over spilled milk.
However there might have been tears over the substandard crayons ...

Post dinner dessert. One chose Dippin Dots and the other chose Cheetos.
Different strokes for different folks and all that.
Both were happy and that's all that mattered!!
Today was a gift because: fun at Wonderworks, the Disney store, and Starbucks; walking around Gatlinburg and eating at Mellow Mushroom and Dippin Dots/Cheetos; swimming in the pool

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