Monday, July 27, 2015

Clean Up Day

Lately facebook and I have not been the best of friends. There has been a lot of mean talking and posting and pointing fingers and sad stories. Because I am a reader, I was compelled to read it all - my friends' statuses, what they liked (because it would appear on my page), and whatever they were reading. I spent much of the day reading and being sad and/or angry because they were sad and/or angry about things that also made me sad/angry. It was very exhausting and frankly, demoralizing. So I decided to clean things up.

No, I didn't delete anyone. Mainly because I don't really have any fbook friends that I would care to delete (also because a person I thought of as a friend did that to me and I had my feelings hurt). But I did choose to "unfollow" them - which means we are still friends but I don't see every single thing that person had to pontificate about or accuse someone or whatever. I don't have to read another sad story that has absolutely nothing to do with me. It freed up my time and my brain.

I kept all those friends with whom I have a real relationship with and care about their daily goings and coming. And I may add back some of those others. And if I don't comment on your postings, it's not because I'm not following you - in cleaning up my followings, I'm also cleaning up my time by less of it on the computer.

Now if only I could clean up my house ...
Today is a gift because: 90 minutes at Massage Envy with Nikki

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