Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lindley Shopping Day

Since Lindley will be starting kindergarten in the fall, I told her that I would take her shopping for some back to school clothes (my mother-in-law did this for my girls). Since Lindley and I both have very busy schedules for the next few weeks, it seemed that today would be our best day. Her daycare days have ended, and Sam and Lynnette had to work today, so I went over this morning and picked Lindley up. We first stopped at my house for a bit before the outlet mall opened and headed there. And now I will give you a pictorial of our day ...

Post outlet mall, Pre- regular mall
Busy day means napping whenever possible!
Lunch with LaLa at Panera
Mac and Cheese and required flip-flop cookie!

Lindley's first trip to the American Girl Store
I told her the store only sold dolls.
I don't think she quite got the picture.
Until we got there. Overwhelming might be an understatement!
Yeah, we might have bought a few things ...
Bitty baby of her choice!
I love Bitty Baby!
And after 20 years of not buying anything,
I'm still in their computer system (smart on their part!).
The aftermath of shopping - yay for sales at H&M and Old Navy!!
Lindley's favorite doll, Baby, with her new little sister, Bitty Baby.
Lindley put them both in time out later because they were
arguing over the fairy wings.
New sandals from Old Navy - half price!!
Our day ended with a sleepover.
And watching "Cinderella" - the Brandy version.
What a great day!!
Today is a gift because: shopping with Lindley; American Girl store and Bitty Baby; lunch at Panera; watching "Cinderella"

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