Saturday, July 11, 2015

Just A Little Wog In The 'Hood

Since Maribeth is working today and Mathieu has National Guard, Everley spent the night at my house. This morning, Molly came over and we decided to walk to the playground - a mile away. In oven-like weather (meaning I think it was 350 degrees). Everley opted for the stroller, at least until she needed to jog a little with Molly. Eventually we made it to the playground and played a little while - until we were all pretty much baked (although we did remember to sunscreen Everley - and maybe ourselves). And we also remembered to take water - which isn't all that delicious once the ice melts and the water warms up to a nice boiling point ...

At one point, Molly decided she would do some weight training, so she hoisted Everley on her back and wogged a bit. And then persuaded Everley to return to the stroller. Before Molly passed out from the added weight and heat.

And where am I during all this fun? I was either (a) pushing an empty stroller, or (b) walking ahead so that I would not be too far behind when Molly and Everley caught up with me and surged ahead, or (c) walking far behind the other two.

At least I wogged today ...

Today is a gift because: Wogging with Everley and Molly; getting some grocery shopping done; watching Redbox movies; swimming with Everley and Sam and Lindley

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