Saturday, July 18, 2015

Just Another Saturday

We started the day by going to Sonic for a little breakfast with our favorite carhop Charity. It was already getting warm, so we didn't hang around long. The heat has hit Nashville this weekend!

After lunch, Steve came into the bedroom where I may or may not have been taking a nap. He asked if I had noticed what was going on at the neighbor's house across the street. He went out and started chatting with a dude who was obviously involved with whatever was going on. As it turned out, they were filming part of a movie about Rachel Joy Scott, the first student killed at Columbine.

We watched for awhile, then went back inside (the heat was still very thick). A little bit later we went to the Sounds baseball game, joined by Molly and her friend Melissa. It was free bag giveaway night! Unfortunately, the bag was burlap, which is not a fabric I like, so Molly got them all (who knows what she did with them). The crowd was pretty thick in our section, which meant very little air flow, so we didn't stay for the entire game (we preferred to get some fresh air). The Sounds won even without our support!

A full, hot day for a Saturday!!

Today is a gift because: breakfast with Molly and Charity at Sonic; Sounds game with Molly and Melissa and free bags; 

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