Friday, July 17, 2015

40, 58, Whatever!!

I just read this list about "31 Things You Learn By The Time You're 40." Since I will be turning 58 next month, I thought I would revise it

Being tired and ready for bed at 9 p.m. is more than OK.
Seriously? Being tired and ready for bed anytime is OK. And hopefully you'll be able to sleep through the night.

The days are long but the years are short -- and any time in the doctor's office with kids feels like years and days.
Being in the doctor's office isn't so bad - as long as you can remember why you're there. And you don't have to "weigh in."

A well-fitting bra is important, and should be off your body no later than 9 p.m.
What's a well-fitting bra?

Actually, 5 p.m. is good, too.
Again - well-fitting?

When in doubt, don't buy -- especially when it comes to shoes and lipstick.
Especially since you can only walk in old-lady loafers and that tube of lipstick you bought two years ago still has some life in it.

Sometimes you take your kid to "Disney on Ice" because you know he or she will really love it, not because you will. And certainly not because you like paying $7.50 for that souvenir mug of tepid hot chocolate.
Your kids are in their 30s, and if you take your grandkids, then money is no object, especially since you no longer are buying shoes and lipstick.

Stale popcorn is also very expensive at "Disney on Ice."
But you get grandma points for purchasing it!

You can totally do your own pedicure, but it's much more relaxing to have someone else do it.
Duh. And here's another point - nobody cares if you shaved your legs or not - you're old!

Chores for kids are a really good idea.
Especially if they're young enough to believe that $1 is alot of money.

Exercising is essential, but so is eating a bag of kettle corn popcorn occasionally. It's all about balance.
I stopped caring about balance in my 40s - now it's just a matter of getting my body uncurled enough to get on the treadmill thingy.

According to your kids, the "good old days" are any of the days that were pre-Internet.
It doesn't matter when the "good old days" were - nobody really is listening to your stories anyway.

Red paint takes three to four coats.
As long as you have lipstick and shoe money to pay somebody to paint, who cares how many coats it takes?

Mirrors are kinda dumb, but good for convincing children that you have eyes in the back of your head.
The grandkids will believe anything, just about, that you say. Enjoy it while it lasts!!

Cookies are not dumb at all.
In fact, it's one of the new food groups.

However, laundry is the dumbest.
It's really not that bad. Because the kids are out of the house. And you wear the same yoga pants for a week, anyway.

The size of your house does not matter, but the size of the love inside its walls does (cheesy, but true).
The size of your house gets smaller as in-laws and grandchildren get added to the family. In fact, it's pretty amazing that a house that small can hold all that love that comes with each new family member!

Marriage is no piece of cake. But it is worth it to get to taste the anniversary cake.
At some point, you will realize that you've been married over half your life - and it's the best part of your life!

You are old enough to be the mother of the cute lifeguards at the pool.
Try grandmother. But you're convinced that the boy lifeguards are still checking you out (we won't say exactly why, though).

Having babies is a big deal, but raising them to be adults you admire and respect is a much bigger deal.
Having kids is hard, from the very beginning, and just gets harder. Mainly because with each day those kids get older, the love you have for them gets greater, and you become more determined that nothing and nobody should cause them any harm or distress.

The term "low-rise" on clothing can be translated to "no buy."
Just find me something that covers up all the loose jiggly parts.

Mom jeans (my version is jeggings) have their merits.
Just find me some that hold all my assets in without busting a button.

Eating an entire pint of cookie dough ice cream on the first day of your period is totally acceptable. And if it isn't, TOO DAMN BAD!
And menopause means you can eat whenever you want to - just test me on it.

Your period can sometimes feel like the devil.
And menopause can make you feel like an angel - at least half the time before you need to go find a box of Kleenex.

Being yourself is the best person to want to be and to actually be.
Looking back, you can see all the yourselfs you used to be, and realize they all were pretty okay.

Drop-off birthday parties are the best.
Any birthday party is the best, because it means one more year you were given to cherish your blessings.

It's better to have your husband talk to your pre-teen son about the "hair down there."
At this point, you can talk to anybody about anything - just ask.

Writing your thoughts down right away is a really good idea, because otherwise, they could be gone in less than the blink of an eye.
Now if only I knew where the pencils and paper is ...

Wrinkles are sneaky.
At least I can express my feelings and you can figure them out without me saying a word.

A good hairdresser is key.
Or just one who is willing to tackle that mess on your head.

Quality time spent really listening to your loved ones is priceless.
Any time is quality time when you're with those you love.

40 is just a number.
And the further you get away from 40, the more you realize what a silly number it was!!
Today is a gift because:  lazy Friday although I did accomplish something; free aprons from the Sounds game (although I didn't actually attend)

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