Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Barbie Time!!

It would appear that Lindley and Everley have developed an interest in Barbie. This delights me, as I was a huge Barbie fan while growing up. Of course back then, we had the basic Barbie, Ken, Midge, Alan, and Skipper. I started out with the basic Barbie with pony tail, and eventually moved up to (gasp) Barbie with bendable legs. I loved Barbie because I could imagine a whole other life using my Barbie dolls.

I've kept up with Barbie over the years, as she morphed into a modern woman with careers and all kinds of hair and more accessories and family members. Maribeth even had a custom Barbie made for me one year. It's really getting interesting with Barbie coming out with the new "natural size" Barbies. For awhile I collected Barbies, but stopped and gave them away when it all became too much - mainly, why collect them to have them languish in a box, when they should be played with?

Anyhow, recently it seems that Lindley and Everley have started playing with them - mainly taking them swimming in the bathtub and changing their clothes. And because I am such a Barbie fan, while we're out shopping, I pretty much direct them to the Barbie aisle and manage to get a few things - not that they object. So naturally it came to the point where they needed something to carry all the Barbie stuff in. And so I decided I needed another project - hence the Barbie tool tote box.

I'm not sure if it will keep their stuff from getting lost, but let's face it - it was really more for me than them anyway!
Thankful today for: Barbie and our shared history; Everley and Lindley's interest in Barbies; actually getting packed for a weekend away

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