Friday, February 26, 2016

The Seasons of Downton

I have become quite the "Downton Abbey" fan. I watched the first two seasons, then got waylaid, and then it was announced that this season would be the last, I purchased the first five seasons and binge-watched them so I would be current when the current (and final) season started.

Lynnette has also been a fan, but seemed to miss episodes of this season, and couldn't find them on the Roku-Hulu-Internet-PBS television after they were aired at their regularly scheduled time. So, I decided to go ahead and purchase this season. Now, those of you who are not fans may be wondering how that can be. Especially since all of this season hasn't aired yet. It's simple - this season was shown in England last fall and ended at Christmas. So, recently this season was made available on DVD. And I bought it.

I loaned it to Lynnette for her to catch up, making her swear on her tea and crumpets that she would watch ONLY THE EPISODES THAT SHE MISSED and not watch ahead, lest she find out what happens ahead of me. And so she has. And so here we are.

And where is that?  The FINAL EPISODE officially ends on Sunday. And since it's the final episode and since we are both caught up, we decided we would not wait and plug in the final episode for a Downton Abbey Farewell viewing. And so we did.

Except that we didn't have tea and scones for snacks. Nor did we put on our fascinators for this momentous event. We just loaded up in the den, put in the DVD, and found a comfy spot to watch. And so we started, until the defective DVD player in the den decided to skip about. We allowed it a few minutes to gather itself, but it just kept skipping about. Well this just wouldn't do, and we felt that Carson would be aghast, so we quickly yanked the DVD out of the crummy player and headed to another room, the living room, where such a formal occasion should have been held anyway.

Once that television had warmed up (it's an old big projection type television), the DVD player started without problem, and we were soon ensconced in the goings-on at Downton. I would tell all the goings-on, but I would hate to spoil it for those of you who don't deserve to know, since you don't watch it anyway. Let's just say that all is well, that Lady Mary has come through her season of mean, that Lady Edith may have a season of happy, that Lady Cora may have a season of intelligence, and that everyone else has a season of what they should have.

And now "Downton Abbey" has ended. And I must find a new series to follow. Or maybe just follow Lady Violet's advice ...

Thankful today for: DA viewing with Lynnette; Molly's visit (and refusal to watch the DA viewing)

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