Friday, February 5, 2016

Slarty At LaLa's

Due to various work commitments by their parental units, Everley and Lindley were to spend the night with me. First the parental units came over and we all had dinner (that would be Dominos. Or Papa Johns. Like there's a difference). Then the adults left and the girls did a craft project. And then changed into pj's. And then argued over which movie to watch, until LaLa decided The Disney Channel would suffice. Eventually it all worked and we all went to sleep. What a good night!!

LaLa's idea of an art project.  Glue stuff onto a foam plate.
It worked, and the results were beautiful!
Two girls and two baby dolls.
And at some point, one LaLa in the middle!!
Thankful today for: Everley and Lindley time; hasty art projects; pizza dinner with most of the family; sleeping little girls

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