Friday, February 19, 2016

No-Race Day!!

It's always nice to have one day that we don't have to get up early for a race. Today was that day. We went to Epcot to eat lunch, to the expo for Marilyn and KB to get their race stuff, and then spent the rest of the day lolly-gagging about. Tomorrow is an early morning for the 10K!

Our cousin Elaine (who lives in Umatilla, Florida) met our group for lunch in Italy.
We look very patriotic, don't you think (of course Marilyn and I would have on the same color!)?
Spaceship Earth fun. Because after overeating in Italy, we needed a nap.

Getting ready for bed - we have an early call in the morning.
And no, we all didn't sleep in one bed!
Thankful today for: fun times at the expo; lunch at Tutto Italia with Elaine and the girls; Spaceship Earth; arts and crafts activities

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