Monday, February 22, 2016

Roller Derby, Anyone??

Somebody has new skates. Actually, Everley has new skates, too, but she wasn't available for this photo op. Of course, these skates are a bit different than when I had them back in the Dark Ages - you know, the kind with a key to tighten them. No? Then google it. And when you realize the danger they probably represented, keep in mind that we skated with no elbow or knee pads, and certainly no helmet! Which probably explains a lot of things, but I digress ...

Anyhoo, back to Lindley and her skates. I was sitting with her at her house when the skates arrived, so naturally she had to try them out. Luckily she has a fluffy rug in her den so it was a bit easier to try them out.

It's pretty amazing when you see one learning to skate, and it was only yesterday that she was learning to walk (or at least it seems that way to me!)!!
Thankful today for: Lindley and her new skates; catching up again after being out of town

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