Thursday, February 11, 2016

Something Else Is A'Coming

Today's agenda including washing all the baby clothes, because we have a baby coming! Maribeth and Mathieu and Everley are expecting a baby girl. Technically, she is due on Pi Day - March 14. But since babies tend to come when they want, and since I have a couple of trips in the next few weeks, today turned out to be the day to do baby laundry.

Because Maribeth is the consummate bargain shopper/finder, she has managed to get clothes in several sizes (most of Everley's clothes have been distributed about, and besides, new babies deserve new clothes). So part of the laundry was to separate them into sizes. Of course, the sizes don't make a difference until Baby arrives, and we see how big she is and how fast she grows. It's kind of like the boxes I have in my closet - those labeled "lose 20 pounds" and "lose a ton." Anyhow, Baby will have plenty of cute outfits for when she makes her appearance, and certainly will fit into one of these boxes of clothes.

It's been four years since we've had a newborn hanging around. Everley is excited about her new baby sister (and we're hoping the euphoria lasts). It will be fun to have a little cuddle baby again. And it won't be long until all these boxes will be empty again - cuddle babies have a way of growing up fast!!
Thankful today for: new babies and babies that grow up; baby clothes and memories of babies that were once that small

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