Monday, February 8, 2016

Whuuut? Again??

So last night the weather forecasters predicted snow again. I know, they are certainly earning their money this year, but I think they are so excited and thrilled about some actual snow they would probably do it for free. Anyhoo, on to the snow.

As usual, I did not believe them. I've lived in the South long enough not to expect snow when they say, and certainly not enough to believe the weather people when they predict it. And once again, I was wrong. The snow came down and covered the yard, although the streets stayed clear. It was pretty, it was quick, and it was enjoyable (from the window at my desk, where I enjoyed it). But it really didn't bolster my faith in the weather dudes and dudettes. I think they're really as surprised as I usually am!!

Same photo, same location, different day. In the same year.
I know - amazing! For Nashville, anyway!!
Thankful today for: beautiful snow; great day to finish sewing projects; quiet day with the kitties

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