Sunday, February 7, 2016

Breakfast At The Egg And I

Today Moo, KB, Everley, and I decided to have breakfast at The Egg and I, a local eatery. We love it, but apparently it won't be staying as The Egg and I for long, since First Watch apparently bought it out and will be changing it over.

So, would you like to hear about the photo?  Today is my friend Pam's birthday. Pam is the bride from the bridesmaids cruise last year. Our group of four decided that this year, on each of our birthdays, we would put on our "I'm With The Princesses" shirt (we all have one) and make a photo wherever we are and send it to the birthday girl. Hence the loaded breakfast potatoes and the candle. Everley clearly looks a bit bewildered by it all. And why is KB in the photo? Because she's Pam's friend, too, having spend last Princess Half Marathon weekend getting up at 4am and getting to the race with Pam (KB even has on her Princess race shirt).

And so you have it. I'm at the Egg and I having a totally calorie-laden breakfast for Pam's birthday. Because that's just the kind of friend I am!!
Thankful today for: breakfast with KB, Molly, and Everley; my friend Pam and her birthday

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pam said...

I'm in the blog! Also, it is now officially documented that Karen is my friend, too! Woot, woot! That's a pretty great birthday gift. Thank you!! 😊🎉