Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday with LaLa and Moo

Last night we managed to get to sleep at a reasonable hour (we needn't discuss what that hour was), so this morning we pretty much woke up in happy spirits. We had breakfast (which might have had some nutritional value) and got dressed (and hair brushed), which took most of the morning. We then picked up Moo and headed to lunch and then some Target shopping. Which pretty much makes for a happy Saturday for all!!

At least they were drinking milk ...

Hair transformation #1.
Only used a portion of one bottle of detangling spray.
Thank goodness, because we had another one to go.

Hair transformation #2 - LaLa is obsessive about hair.
Probably a leftover effect of her own childhood.
Where it took hours to get out the tangles.
And we needn't even mention pink sponge rollers ....

Brunch with Moo. Actually went better than it appears.
Target-ing had been promised since the morning, and it was time to go!
Also, the braids had about 5 more minutes before they were unbraided - by the owners.
Finally!! Mecca!! Sans braids, of course!!
Thankful today for: patient little girls who waited for tangles to be untangled, but food to be served, and for shopping promises at Target; brunch with Moo, Everley, and Lindley at Puffy Muffin

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