Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My New Toy

This is it. Kymco. Or Scooty-Boot. Haven't really decided on a name yet ...
Yes, I now own a scooter. Apparently it's not powerful enough that I need a separate motorcycle license, which is probably good. Good, because apparently my top speed will be 40mph. Maybe this is my gateway vehicle, who knows. But I digress. The question is, how did I come to ownership of said vehicle?  Here's how ...

While at Disney World Marathon Weekend in January, Molly was talking to her significant other Adam on the telephone (meanwhile we were on our way to Sparkle Skirt Heaven). Anyhow, once she was off the phone, she told me that Adam had located a scooter and wondered if she would like him to get it for her. Molly is not a fan of scooters, or anything vehicle that does not have four walls around it, so she decided against the offer. Adam drives and has several motorcycles and scooters and even works on the mechanics of such vehicles, so I knew if he had found a scooter that he would trust for Molly, it must be a good one.

Anyhow, I have wanted a scooter forever. I have attempted to hold it out as a carrot for any possible weight loss, but even the prospect of that prize did not prompt any action. I also was not so keen on the prices of any scooter I eyed, so in other words, no scooter was appearing in my future.  Until this day in January. I told Molly to tell Adam that I was interested in the scooter. I trusted his expertise in the field to know what was a good scooter and what was a good price, and he found both. It stayed in their carport for several weeks until last weekend when they brought it over. I hadn't gotten it out due to the cold weather until today, when I ventured out.

I have never really driven a scooter, so I was a tiny bit apprehensive. But I got on my helmet and my jacket and headed out. Luckily there was little traffic in the neighborhood, so I had some time to go super slow and practice. Eventually I managed to hit a top speed of maybe 30mph and turn without requiring the space of a football field. I enjoyed being out and about in the open air and am hoping with a little more practice, I may actually become proficient at scootering about.

So if you see a old lady puttering about on a red scooter in Nashville, give me a wide berth - I may need some turning room!!
Thankful today for: a beautiful day in the neighborhood; courage to get on the scooter and ride it; patient drivers who were behind me

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