Monday, February 29, 2016

And The Haircut Wins

This morning someone woke up and decided that she DID NOT want to go to preschool. There was another pressing issue at hand, so preschool was not attended today. And here's the reason why ...

Over the weekend, it was discovered by Moo that someone had taken the scissors and cut her own hair. Which was after she had used her scissors to cut her Barbie's hair. It was just a chunk off the side, but still it was a noticeable chunk. And when one has longish willy-nilly hair, it's not always that noticeable. At least to LaLas who are just trying to keep little ones from running off into danger.

Anyhow, someone's mother was informed of the cutting that apparently was performed sometime on Saturday. And when it was brought to everyone's attention on Sunday, it was obvious that some remedy was needed for the new hair situation.

LaLa considered trying to remedy it, but everyone knew that would be a bad idea, since LaLa had never been to hair-cutting school, and all attempts to trim little girls' bangs back in the Dark Ages were disasters. All the professional hair cutting places had closed by the time this trim was discovered, so any remedy had to be put off. And that's where we were this morning.

A deal was struck that for the opportunity to not attend preschool today, someone would go to the profession hair stylist and get her hair styled. And so she did. Everything went quite well, perhaps due to the bowl of suckers that could be approached after good behavior in the stylist's chair, And in the end, someone turned out quite well and all were happy - especially LaLa, who didn't have to get our her good scissors after all!!
Thankful today for: breakfast with Everley and Maribeth; Everley's new haircut

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