Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Seriously??? It's March??

Sometimes I feel like I'm binge watch a television series, as I notice that yet another month has slid past me. And the worst part is that it's like I'm watching a bad television series, as everything that I had hoped to get going in 2016 is not getting going. But I've sung that song too many times, so let's move on ...

March - it's such a full month. There's that March Madness basketball thing, that I'm not interested in. There's the crazy March weather that makes Nashville weather even crazier. There's Easter and Spring Break and vegetation budding and allergies and sneezing and colds. Things start turning green and sprouting flowers and the sun actually starts shining again.

So there are a lot of things going on in March. The big question is - will I get a lot of things going on in March? I guess I'll blink my eyes and find out - because when I do, it will be April!!

Thankful today for: a new month of promise; making Alaska cruise plans

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