Monday, March 7, 2016


There are some things that are very important to me. One of these things is to have an adequate supply of toilet paper. And by adequate, I mean while I would prefer to always have a dozen rolls on hand, as long as I know I have a half-dozen, then I can rest easy. Do I have IBS or chronic diarrhea? No - I just want the necessities on hand should I ever develop these issues.

Which leads us to the potential crisis that reared its ugly head today. As you can see by the photo (and please try to ignore the other things in the photo like the rubber gloves and the potty wipes - these were needed for another situation), I was down to one full roll and nearing an empty roll.  What if I ate something that decided to erupt my GI system? What chaos and calamity would possibly ensue (never mind that we have two other bathrooms with toilet paper - should the urgent need arise, would I have the fortitude to storm those rooms in search of provisions)???

I mentioned my potential disaster to the girls as we were group texting. And sure enough, Maribeth ordered me a box of TP via Amazon Now, which would be delivering within a few hours. Another act of kindness headed my way! And sure enough, soon I was back to being fully stocked. Crisis averted!

Acts of kindness are much appreciated - especially when it involves my terlet!!

Thankful today for: Maribeth's toilet paper act of kindness; mailing packages and postcards; library visit

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