Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just Some Baby Stuff - Old and New

Doesn't she look smart??
Swaddle with a zipper.
Don't be fooled - she still manages to squeeze her hands
out the top and hang on.
I expect her to figure out how to unzip the zipper
by next week ...

Interesting page from my own baby book.
Apparently cows milk and veggies were
on the menu by 5 weeks ...
At least the cows milk was pasteurized ...

This one confused me. Pet Milk?
As in the one I use to make fudge?
That would explain a lot ...

Gifts I received when I was born.
The fun part was to see the moms of my Princess Bridesmaids on the list.
As I've said before - we go back a long way!!
Thankful today for: finding my baby book and unearthing lots of fun information; Everley and Emmatha time

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