Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Little Help Along The Way

Today while she and Lindley were at my house, Lynnette decided to go out for a run. It was a beautiful spring day and a great day for a run. Everley was also over and she and Lindley and I were outside enjoying the weather. Lynnette started out down our street, then turned around and ran past our house, where she had her own cheering section.
Whenever I do a race, it's always inspiring to wog past the groups and spectators on the sidelines who are cheering us on. Their support and cheers and encouraging words make me want to keep going and finish that race.

And so it is with life in general. If we can just have people along the way to encourage us, to love us, and to keep us going on our course, then it makes our journey all the better. And sometimes, when we're the ones cheering along the sidelines, we get to be a part of someone else's journey and joy and accomplishment. Because in the end, we're really all in this together. And sometimes, that's the only thing that keeps us going.
Thankful today for: beautiful spring day; Lindley and Everley time

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