Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Friday!!

Today's highlights (the rest will be photos):

  • Everley finds out she's a big sister. Of course she wanted to go to the hospital as soon as she heard the news, but because she had a photo book of her baby sister and stuff for her class for a big sister party, she decided she will go to school. And yes, she is super excited about her new baby sister!
  • Maribeth gets moved (late in the afternoon) to the regular maternity ward. Which is a surprise to the SICU personnel that she is doing so well.
  • Everley (and Sam and Lindley and Lynnette) get to visit Maribeth and see baby Emmatha
  • Emmatha gets moved to Maribeth's room - never to leave until she leaves the hospital - apparently that's the thing these days.
Since Mommy has a new baby, so does Everley!

Cousin/Sister bonding time!
Everley coming in to find her baby sister!!

Everley feeding Emmatha. And nobody could touch the bottle except her!!

Best. Photo. Ever!!

Making plans already!!
Thankful today for: Maribeth's remarkable recovery and all the medical staff in all areas who care/cared/will care for her; Everley and Lindley meeting Emmatha; Emmatha's good health; Chair that makes into a bed (at least I could spread out)

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