Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Monday!!

Sometime probably last year, one of the eyes/burners/elements (depending on your heritage) on my stove decided to blow/quit working. It wasn't a huge deal, since I had others on the range to use. However, it was the second largest one, and if I wanted to use my bigger pots and pans, I had to use the ginormous one, which was entirely too big. A month ago I discussed the matter with Steve, who decided to research and then decided that he could fix it - he just needed to order the part.

Well, guess what - the part was never ordered. Which was fine by me, as my oven was acting like a moody menopausal woman, going hot and cold whenever it wanted. So I decided to fix the entire thing, and while I was at Home Depot (my appliance shopping center of choice) purchasing a doo-dad, I decided to also purchase an entirely new stove. And while I was at it, I decided to go ahead a purchase a new microwave, since ours had a noise level comparable to that of a 747 jet. Naturally they were out of the model I wanted (because it was on sale), so they had to wait for the new shipment to get in. All this to say that my new appliances were delivered today - early enough to start my day (but not early enough to start Everley's day, since she was adamant about not attending school today - the rest of that story in a bit).

Meanwhile, Maribeth had dropped off Everley at school (mainly because she was promised a zoo visit after school) and returned to the house to admire my new additions (and to test the microwave to see if we could hear each other over the sound when it was in play). Once everything was in place and the delivery dudes had left, we left to go pick up a package from Maribeth's Ebay Reject Store, where she gets her good deals. We also decided to eat at Demos', mainly because we like it and I had a gift card.

By this time, it was time to retrieve Everley from school and head to the zoo. We visited the reptile house, which houses the snakes, of which I am not a fan. Then we headed to the playground so Everley could expend energy while Maribeth sat on a bench (today is her baby's due date, by the way, but so far, baby girl is happy to stay incubating).

Eventually we convinced Everley to leave, mainly because the zoo would be closing and because we promised a walk-through the gift shop. Where the clerk and I had a lengthy discussion on Life is Good products and Mickey Mouse. And where someone might have purchased a large pink snake.

Anyhow, after a stop by Sonic for sustenance, we went to Maribeth's house and dropped them off, then I headed to Molly's for chicken tacos and then to Lynnette's to drop off some other stuff. It's been a full Monday, but a good one!  If only all Mondays could be!!
Thankful today for new appliances and delivery dudes; lunch and package pickup with Maribeth; zoo time with Everley; chicken tacos and doughnuts from Molly and Plates; dropping off stuff at Lynnette and Lindley's

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