Thursday, March 24, 2016

Just A Week Ago ...

A week ago, it was St. Patrick's Day. A week ago, Emmatha was born. A week ago, Maribeth spent 10 hours in the operating room. A week ago seems like an eon ago, but it was only a week.

A week later, we are taking Emmatha for her one-week check, to make sure she's doing well, and she is. Everley and I dropped Maribeth and Emmatha off at the doctor's office, intending to stay for the appointment. However, between the four-year-old mind and the fifty-eight-year-old brain, we decided to leave the other two and head to Smoothie King for a snack. Once our (and Maribeth's) orders were complete, we got the call to return and pick up the others. Emmatha is growing and meeting all the marks - for a one-week-old baby. She returns in two weeks for the one-month check (in between Everley will go in for her four-year-old check, which includes inoculations - yes, shots - but we're keeping that little news item quiet for now).

Anyhow, in the space of a week, a lot has happened. And for all of it, we're so very thankful! But then again, a lot happens in every week of our lives. We just have to remember to be thankful for all of it!
Thankful today for: healthy baby visits; Smoothie King visits and snacks; fancy mini-vans in which to transport all ages of people

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