Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!!

I hope your Easter is wonderful, as we celebrate the resurrection and the promise of eternal life. May your day be blessed with all the things that make this life so wonderful and precious. And speaking of those things, since today is a quiet Easter at our home, here's a few photos of Easters past ...

Easter 2010. We had a new granddaughter!
And Maggie Cat found new meaning in hunting for eggs ...

Easter 2006. Looks like we were having work done on the house.
When have we not had work done on the house?
Looks like Molly is ready for a cut-throat egg hunting experience.
Because that's just how we roll ...

Easter 2007. Easter baskets double as Easter bonnets.
Because we believe in multi-use things.
And yes, in the background was our DVD collection.
Which has since been whittled down.
And by the way, each of those DVDs had a library check-out card in it.
Again, because that's how we roll ...
Thankful today for: Jesus and his ultimate act of love for us all

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