Sunday, March 20, 2016


Today Emmatha (and Maribeth, for that matter) got to finally wear regular clothes. Actually Maribeth started yesterday when she got a shower, but Emmatha finally got her IV out, and it was time to dress her up a bit. Also, in the hospital, she only wore a t-shirt, which meant her feet were not covered, which will result in colic (according to my grandmother, who knew of such things). So it was a great relief that we were able to stuff her into a sleeper with the feet attached. Of course, it only adds to her adorableness! In other news, the medicals folks are suggesting that she might go home tomorrow - that would be Emmatha and her momma, too!! To say that everyone is getting better quickly is an understatement!!

In other news, Sam and Lindley are embarking on a quick tour of the South during her spring break. Today they were visiting GDizzle in Columbus, Mississippi, and Lindley attended an Easter Egg Hunt at his church. Apparently there were 500 eggs but only five kids showed up because the weather was cold. Never mind Lindley's outfit - she has never been a slave to fashion. As you can see, she made out quite well at the hunt!

Thankful today for: baby clothes and our patients feeling human again; possibility of going home tomorrow; Lindley's Easter Egg Hunt success

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