Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Happy Day!

Today when I opened my mail, I got a sweet surprise from my friend Kat. Kat is very talented and probably does more stuff (quilting, jewelry making, sewing, baking, taking her girls to all their activities besides raising them to be strong women, being an excellent wife and partner to her hubs, decorating and organizing her house, working at some occupation that I probably wouldn't understand even if she explained it to me using small words, running and I mean Ragnar running, and a whole other bunch of stuff that causes my brain to hurt to think about it) in the time it takes me to figure out what day it is. Anyhow, because I had donated to a cause her daughters were advocating (yup, another thing she does - help others), she made these beautiful necklaces - just in time for some peoples Easter baskets!! Oh, and in between the time that she's doing all the above AND helping her daughter Jessica raise monarch butterflies, she also has an etsy shop.  On which she takes special orders. Personally, I don't think she ever sleeps. No matter - as long as I'm her friend!

We decided to finish out the day with a pedicure for all the girls. It was Lindley and Everley's first pedicure, and they weren't to sure about what was going to happen. The butterfly chairs helped, along with the fact that they were the first to have theirs done. The foot bath smoothed the way for the rest of the pedicure. The only problems were (a) we forgot their ipads, which would have been handy when (b) their pedicures were finished way before everyone else's. We all left with pretty trimmed toes, and after a quick stop for some take-out dinner, we all declared our girls pedicure a success!!
Thankful today for: Kat and the lovely surprise necklaces; pedis for Lindley, Lynnette, Everley, Maribeth, Molly, and me

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