Saturday, March 5, 2016

Acts of Kindness

Lately I have been the recipient of acts of kindness. Recently at Disney World, while our group was shopping and I was getting Molly a bracelet she wanted, Molly was elsewhere in the store getting a cookie jar that I was wanting. What a nice thing!

Also recently, Maribeth ordered (and subsequently installed) a new Otter Box on my phone, after I had told her that my most recent Otter Box had broken off a part on the corner (this being the third OB in recent months that has broken - at least my phone is still intact - knock on wood). Anyhow, it was a very nice thing to do!

And then today, Lynnette and Molly did a really nice thing. They finished painting Everley's room for me. After we had breakfast, we went to Maribeth's house. At first, Lindley and Everley thought they might help, but after a few strokes, they decided that it would be more fun to go shopping with LaLa. And so Lynnette and Molly could complete their task in relative peace and quiet. And yet again, a very nice thing that was done!

In these days of people being mean and yelling and calling names, there are people who go about their lives being nice to others. Sometimes it may not be a big deal to the person who is doing the kindness, but it can mean the world to the person who receives it.

I should know - it's been happening to me!!

Thankful today for: breakfast with the girls at The Egg and I; Lynnette and Molly finishing Everley's room; Lindley and Everley time

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