Saturday, March 19, 2016


Last night was last night. Nurses coming in to check on Maribeth and/or Emmatha. One getting to sleep just until another nurse came in. Feeding Emmatha. Helping Maribeth get out of bed on her way to the bathroom. Trying to figure out the right temperature for the room, which tended to be stifling hot or freezing cold. And then there was the VUMC helicopter, which was located out our window. I have to say it was pretty neat to see it land/take off, but it was very loud. Oh well, none of this matters when you see that your daughter and granddaughter are healthy.

Molly came to stay with Maribeth during the day, and Lynnette brought JAlexanders for lunch (Maribeth's request). Not that the hospital food isn't delicious. Especially after major surgery. Anyhow, Lynnette was paying it forward, since when she had Lindley, her request was JAlex's, which she received after I had to argue with the manager that while they may not officially have "take out," I was getting some food in some way to take to the mother of my first granddaughter!!  Anyhow I digress ...

Maribeth is continuing to improve, impressing all of the medical people that troop through her room. Of course everybody asks the same questions - what's your pain, do you feel any shortness of breath, and so on. And then, "Are you nursing?" The answer to that is always "No - not yet." She's thinking that perhaps she would like to regain control of her body before adding the next thing. But she's feeling better and getting some sleep - in between vitals and meds and everything else.

Still not sure on a release date, but they really didn't think she'd be out of SICU so quickly, so who knows? Everley came by again today, and this room really shrinks when it gets full of people. Oh well, here's to another night!
Thankful today for: the continued care by the VUMC medical staff; continued health progress from Maribeth; cuddling Emmatha

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