Sunday, February 21, 2016

Half Marathon Day!!

Today was another early day, but even earlier because we had to catch the bus instead of taking the car (we knew we wouldn't stay together today). So we ambled out of bed and headed to the buses, arriving at the start just as the National Anthem was being sung. It wasn't too long until our corral took off - and Katie took off quite speedily.  The rest of us took it a bit slower, although Molly quickly left the rest of us.

Around Mile 1, I decided that I needed a potty break. And even though I hoped that I wouldn't have to, I stopped at Mile 3 and waited my turn (it was sort of neat - there was a row of about 20 porta-potties, and they had two volunteers that yelled out which one was empty as soon as a person came out). At this point I was slightly ahead of KB and Marilyn - but not much.

After my turn at the potty, I started again and caught up with Marilyn. We chatted a bit and I pressed on. At Mile 5, I found Molly waiting for me and soon KB was with us (she had stopped for a potty break). The three of us kept going together, unless KB got ahead - but then she waited for us. The last several miles are along the road headed into the Magic Kingdom, and today the sun was out with no clouds, so it started to get a bit warm. But we forged through, and soon finished. We boarded our bus and headed back to our room.

We kept up with Marilyn, who apparently had stopped along the way to help a runner who had fallen down with leg cramps. She finished and soon joined us as we all cleaned up and packed up to leave. Meanwhile, Katie had finished ahead of us all, and was all fresh and packed by the time we arrived.

The sun had sapped all of us, and Marilyn decided to stay at the pool while the rest of us went in search of lunch. We decided on Wolfgang Puck and a little shopping at Disney Springs. Except me, who decided to find the pool (actually the lounge chairs) at Saratoga Springs and take a snoozer. As did Molly, Katie, and KB, once they heard of my plans.

Soon it was time to collect Marilyn and head to the airport for our ride home. Another great Princess Weekend in the books!!

Blingage - why else would one do 13.1 miles?

Yet another amazing photo from the half-marathon.
Yes, KB is wearing gloves, because she is Cinderella.
And she may be brushing her teeth.
Meanwhile, Molly and I are ready to be done!!

KB by the pool. Best part of the day.
Thankful today for: finishing the half marathon with KB and Molly; Marilyn's stories from the race; lunch at Wolfgang's; napping by the pool; safe, smooth ride home

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