Saturday, February 25, 2017


Last night I was still a bit unsure as to whether I would do the 10K today. I asked God about it, even threw out a few fleeces, to which He answered with directions to do it. And so I got dressed and met up with our roomies (KB and Katie) and headed for the bus. Well, KB and I headed for the bus – Molly and Katie lagged behind find some sustenance. Did I mention it was 4am?

When we got on the bus, Chelsea and Emily (Laura’s girls) were on the bus. They said that Pam, Laura, Bethany, Ainsley, and Haley had already left on an earlier bus. We all eventually ended up at the same spot and made a few photos. Soon it was time to start.

We were all in different corrals, so we parted ways. Molly, Katie, KB, and I were all in the same corral. Once we crossed over the start, Molly and Katie took off and left us. KB slowed her pace and stayed with me throughout the entire race. As you can see, we had some fun…

Unfortunately, just after the start, Molly’s food started giving her problems. She said at one point she had to sit down, and at another, she just wanted to throw up. After she finished, she went to First Aid and got it iced. She got on the bus to return to the hotel, where she found Laura and Pam and all the girls. Meanwhile, KB and I were finishing the race.

Once everyone was finished and back at OKW, Pam, Laura, and I got a photo. They were headed to Animal Kingdom while my group was headed for the couch/bed. Katie went to eat lunch with friends, and the rest of us watched movies (and took naps).

That night, Molly, KB, Katie, and I decided to go to Shake Shack for dinner. And it was great – for a bit. Then somehow the grease bomb that was our burger seemed to form a large lump in our stomachs. While no one got grossly ill, we all agreed that perhaps it wasn’t our best idea. We went to the outlet mall where nobody really bought anything of importance (except swim trunks for a Steve project) and then we headed home.

We all went to bed, with Molly and I considering skipping the half marathon tomorrow. We also started packing up, because there’s a lot going on tomorrow!!

Sometimes you have to go slow because your friend is slow ...

And sometimes you can go faster if you pull your friend along ...

And sometimes you just do what you have to in order
to drag your friend across the finish line!

The only thing worth wogging for!!

Fun times!!

Three Friends - then, now, and forever!!
Blessings today include: finishing the 10K and KB staying with me; watching movies with KB and Molly; Shake Shack (kinda) and outlet shopping

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