Friday, February 17, 2017

Bloodletting Time Again!

A good thing about donating blood with the Red Cross is that they will call you when it's time for a needle. And so they did, and so today I went in for a pint - to donate, that is.

Now that they utilize Rapid Pass, the check-in procedure goes pretty quick (Rapid Pass means you can answer the health questionnaire at home, print it off, and present it to the nurse at check-in). It was a fairly quiet day, so I went straight to my chair (facing the television, which is good). The actual donation went pretty quick, although the techs didn't think it was going fast enough and had to fiddle with the needle a couple of times to "gitter-goin".

Anyhow, soon it was all over, I had my snacks, and headed home. I gave John and Anne an outside tour of Maribeth's and Molly's home remodels (the inside tour would be later tonight).

John and Anne were going to have lunch with Mathieu, so Molly and I decided to have lunch at Puffy Muffin. Where we ate too much.  Maribeth, Mathieu, and the girls came over for a dinner from Whitts. All in all, a pretty good Friday!!
Today's blessings include: A great check-in lady at the Red Cross; giving my pint; lunch with Molly; Everley and Emmatha time; John and Anne providing dinner

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