Sunday, February 26, 2017

Non-Starting and Embarking

Today was the Princess Half-Marathon. Although I did manage to complete the 10K yesterday, I knew at the finish that doing the half marathon today would be a ill-advised idea. Molly had decided with her foot issue that her participation would also be a poor idea. So instead, we both slept later than 3am (although I did get up to tell Katie and KB good luck – they are the runners today). Once we got up, we packed up and headed for Port Canaveral – we’re going on a cruise!!

Actually we headed for the airport. First we had to turn in the rental car and get on the cruise bus. When we dumped our bags, we thought was saw KB’s already on the truck – but alas, she was instead finishing up the race. We managed to get all that accomplished and soon we were on our way – along with a cranky toddler (not ours – just a few seats ahead of us). In no time we were at the port – waiting to get on the ship.

And then we were!! We’re cruising fancy on this trip – concierge – so we headed to the brand new concierge lounge, which was super nice. Molly had a few of the free glasses of champagne (and maybe met a new friend). We decided to go have our traditional first-day meal (shrimp and mashed potatoes/gravy, among other things) before going to our room. We took our post-first-day-meal nap, and then it was time for the muster drill.

Unfortunately, our assigned muster station was on the sunny side of the ship. We were at the front of the line, which meant the sun was directly on us. Then for some reason, there was a long pause, which mean it was getting warmer. Eventually Molly changed places with me, eventually they did the whole “this is how you put on your life jacket”, and eventually some lady in the back of the line offered her seat to me. There were a few moments of fun when we eavesdropped on the family beside us. They had to be from Louisiana with their accent, and the tween-aged son was asking about how the Titanic split in half. To which the dad replied that it split when it hit the ocean floor. Then the boy wondered why there was no oil spill. I wanted to tell him that was because the Titanic was powered by coal, but I decided to mind my own business. I am learning that (a) I don’t have to share all the knowledge lodged in my head (because sometimes it ain’t all that correct), and (b) people don’t necessarily want to know all my knowledge.

Anyhow, once the drill was done (and since I was sitting in the back of the line, the drill leader felt sorry for me and let me go early), Molly headed off to get a manicure and I headed back to the room. Our bags were there so I unpacked us. By the time Molly returned from her pampering, we decided to order room service. Which was sooo good. We opted out of eating in our assigned dining room for tonight.

Eventually we knew we would have to leave so our room steward could clean our room/turn down our bed/make us all comfy, so we decided to go to the shops. Then we went to the bar where the Oscars were on. We watched for awhile, then decided to return to the room. Once there, we realized that the Oscars were also on the room television. We watched as long as possible before passing out.

All in all, a good day!!

That looks like KB's suitcase - but where is she??
Oh yeah, she was running 13.1 miles ...

Guess we'll go ahead and board the bus ...

Molly has some champagne, peruses the info, and perhaps makes a new friend??

Embarkation comfort food - yumm!
Today's blessings include: KB and Katie finishing the race: Chelsea doing me a big one; getting on the bus and then the boat; having a great stateroom; Oscar watching

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