Monday, February 20, 2017


So, here's how it happened. Yesterday I was tired of this small little bump I had on my upper abdomen. I thought maybe I could "squish" it out (like a massuse did or at least try to a few years ago). Well apparently I tried to squish it the wrong way, as it decided to squish the other way - like inside instead of outside? Anyhow, the result was a very angry red area where the bump used to be. I hoped it would go away, but since it was tender to the touch, I decided that if it was still an issue today, I would go to the doctor (I have a trip starting on Wednesday and I didn't want it to be an issue then!).

This morning it was still an issue, so off I went to the local non-emergency care clinic. They were not busy, so I got right in. After showing/discussing with the nurse, I waited for Jasen, the PA. He came in, gave my angry spot a look, and said we needed to do something about it. He stuck a needle in it but really didn't get much of anything out (the angry spot was also tender to the touch and puffy). He then told me how the squishing had sent the infection inside and made the angry spot. He said he would treat it like a staph infection (I guess that means it is a staph infection?), which meant I would get a shot in my rear-end and a 10-day supply of antibiotic. And he wants me to come in tomorrow to make sure that the angry spot is chilling down a bit and not so angry and big. I also got a DPT shot, since I couldn't remember when I had last had one (now all I need is that dang shingles shot - just a few more months!).

So, all day I have been reading up on staph - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I prayed that God would heal it, and He said He would - I just have to quit obsessing about it (and take my meds as directed). Of course I keep wondering if I have a fever (I haven't and don't), if it's spreading (Jasen marked where the angry spot was, so he/I could check it tomorrow), and if it's going to get worse (because I want it better - like now!). I feel gross and germy and like I have the cooties (since it's contagious if I were to rub my angry spot on your open wound). I couldn't wait to take a shower in an attempt to get the staph washed off.

And yes, I have read all about it. And not just from wikipedia. I know all the facts. And I have looked up my pills (Sulfameth/TMP 800/160mg) which are pretty powerful. I am confident that Jasen and God will clear this up. I just wish it were cleared up now.

Patience is a hard lesson to learn when you're almost 60!
Blessings today include: clinic receptionist, nurse, and PA Jasen; getting my desk cleared a bit; texting with Pam and Laura about our toes and upcoming Princess weekend; picking up Lindley at camp

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