Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Old Key West

This morning I got up to head to Disney World. Several months ago, Southwest was having a sale, so I booked a cheap flight – at 6:10am. After getting up at 4am so I could take my car to KB (she’s going to take my car to the airport on Thursday in order to leave it for Lynnette’s folks to pick up when they arrive on Thursday evening), and get to the airport in time, I have decided that early morning flights no longer need to be a part of my travel plans. In fact, for a flight in May which was an earlier one, I promptly changed while I was waiting for this flight to board. Maybe it was the early hour or that the antibiotic I am on is doing a thing with me, but I didn’t feel so great. And so, here on out, I shall be travelling at a better hour.

I got to Orlando, boarded the Magical Express, and was soon at Old Key West. Our room was ready (we have a 2-bedroom for our group) so I went straight to the room and ordered Shipt. Soon our bags were delivered and then the groceries, so there was a bit of unloading before Pam arrived. Once she got there, we had some lunch and waited for Molly and Katie to arrive. Pam’s group’s reservation doesn’t actually start until tomorrow, so she’s going to bunk with us tonight. Molly got to Orlando, picked up her rental car, waited for Katie, and headed for Old Key West. Once there, Pam and I got in the car, we went to Publix (because we didn’t have enough groceries), picked up some Chick Fil A, and headed back to the resort. After dinner and much talk, we all headed for bed. Tomorrow the rest of the crew arrives!
Blessings today include: safe, smooth ride to Orlando; changing May flight; Pam, Molly, and Katie arriving and Publix fun

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